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Residence 1784

Project type

Residential Architecture




Sector-32, Karnal

Project Size

1 Kanal Residence
(500 sq. yards)

Residence 1784 is a paradigm of modern opulence, where form seamlessly intertwines with function.

This resplendent residence, enveloped in a palette of minimalistic hues and neutral tones, transcends simplicity to make a bold, sophisticated statement. The strategic use of high-end materials elevates the structure to a level of unparalleled luxury. A harmonious blend of textures and finishes in elevation adds depth and character, creating an arresting visual appeal.

What sets this dwelling apart from surroundings is not merely its aesthetic finesse but the ingenious illusionistic design of the elevation. Skillfully executed, it imparts an optical magnification effect, making the residence appear larger than its actual dimensions. This optical play not only astounds but also contributes to the uniqueness of the architectural vision.

In addition to its visual prowess, meticulous planning governs every aspect of this architectural marvel. The layout is a testament to our commitment to functionality and comfort. Each room is generously spacious, promoting an atmosphere of openness and grandeur. Thoughtful consideration has been given to proper ventilation and the orientation of the structure to harness the sun's natural warmth and light.

This residence is a symphony of design elements that transcends the ordinary, offering a lifestyle of unparalleled sophistication for our discerning doctor client.

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