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It was the spring time, years back, when a little girl with big dreams to build even bigger buildings made a small bird house in her grandparent’s backyard. That bird house was her first BIG project and the launch pad for achieving her big dreams.

This girl has grown up to be a passionate and enthusiastic architect who is well known for her commitment to the profession.
Her thought process of integrating the old and the new in an effortless manner & to bring the nature indoors to your doorsteps, is one of the pillars that her designs stand on.

Terra Incognita's philosophy is based on the fact that when one enters a space, there is much more than what meets the eye, behind that facade, that marble flooring, those antique interiors, lies a feeling, a thought, a vision which connects with one on a profound level. Which gives you the feeling of “inner calm”, the feeling of “coming home”.


TERRA INCOGNITA, understands that deeper meaning behind brick n mortar and help to encapsulate those emotions which will help you to call any space, ‘your space’. After all, it’s just not the physical statement that defines a space but also, its intangible characteristics play a vital role in giving it a significant identity.


Being a one stop platform for all your architectural n design needs, TERRA INCOGNITA is not just an architectural studio, but a place where we carefully bring your aspirations to life. 
We are a hub which encloses professionals from across the nation with unique skillset and expertise.

Let it be architecture designing, planning, interior decorating, landscaping, govt. approvals and other services, we provide you every bit of those requirements so that you can achieve physical representation of your dream spaces.

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Learned from the best and worked on the best of projects, Karuna, an alumni of DCRUST, is a young and innovative architect with an extensive array of skillset in her field.

She offers all of her experience and finesse after demonstrating her mettle over years of hard work.

Principal Architect

Karuna Vishvas - Founder

Param is a skilled civil engineer, who orchestrates the precision of every project. From meticulous site measurements to strategic planning, his proficiency ensures a solid foundation for our architectural endeavors.

Civil Engineer

Parminder Singh

Vijay is a talented architect, an alumni of Chitkara University, Chandigarh. With a keen eye for design and detail, he seamlessly blends creativity and functionality. From conceptualizing ideas to hands-on site management, Vijay contributes vibrancy to every project.

Jr. Architect

Vijay Rathour

Jyoti is the creative force behind our designs. From crafting intricate working drawings to aiding in material selections, her attention to detail and design finesse add depth and sophistication to our architectural visions.

Assistant Architect

Jyoti Rajput


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At Terra Incognita, we are looking for talented and motivated individuals to join our team. Our ideal candidate has a degree in architecture or a related field and has strong technical and design skills. They are detail-oriented and have excellent communication and teamwork skills. If this sounds like you, please submit your resume and design portfolio to We look forward to hearing from you!


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