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Liberty Hari Villa

Project type

Residential Landscape Design


Completed in 2023


Model Town, Karnal, Haryana

Project Size

4 Kanal Residence

The liberty Hari Villa Landscape design exudes an enchanting fusion of Balinese serenity and vibrant tropical allure. This endeavor aimed to transform a mundane backyard and front lawn into a captivating haven for our discerning and passionate client. Melding the timeless charm of Balinese aesthetics with the lush vibrancy of a dense tropical theme, the result is a mesmerizing retreat that transports inhabitants to an exotic paradise.

The backyard, a sanctuary of tranquility, unfolds with a carefully curated interplay of textures and colors with a large Buddha sculpture as the focal point of the space.
The front lawn serves as an inviting prelude to the residence, boasting meticulously manicured lawns bordered by a diverse array of tropical plants and palm trees.

One of the highlights of our design is the double-height bird's aviary, a bespoke creation that houses a thriving natural habitat for Australian budgerigars.
The aviary not only serves as a visual spectacle but also contributes to the overall ecological balance of the house, creating a harmonious coexistence between the human and avian inhabitants.

The entire vibe of the landscape design transcend the ordinary to become a private oasis of relaxation and natural beauty.

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