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Pashtun Afghani Restaurant & Bar

Project type

Commercial Interiors




Sector-35, Chandigarh

Project Size

3200 sq. ft.

Embarking on a transformative journey, We reimagined the Chandigarh's iconic Afghani restaurant that has graced the culinary landscape for the past three decades. With a nod to tradition and an embrace of contemporary aesthetics, our design for this beloved establishment seamlessly marries the rich cultural tapestry of Afghanistan with a modern flair, setting the stage for a fresh chapter in its illustrious history.

Ground Floor: Culinary Haven
Upon entering the ground floor, guests are enveloped in the warm embrace of an ambiance that effortlessly combines Afghani heritage with chic modernity. Earthy tones, inspired by the rugged landscapes of Afghanistan, dominate the color palette, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Handcrafted Afghan rugs used in arches and bespoke light fixtures contribute to the authenticity of the space.

Private Dining - Shamiyana: A Royal Affair
Elevating the dining experience, our design introduces the "Shamiyana," an exclusive private dining room reminiscent of Afghan royalty.

First Floor: The Bar Oasis

Ascending to the first floor, patrons discover a vibrant and modern bar area that pays homage to the lively spirit of Afghan culture. A fusion of contemporary design elements and Afghani patterns characterizes the bar. Comfortable lounge seating and ambient lighting create an inviting space for guests to unwind and savor handcrafted cocktails.

In essence, our design for this Afghani-themed restaurant harmoniously weaves tradition and modernity, inviting patrons to embark on a sensory journey through the heart of Afghanistan. With careful attention to detail, we've preserved the restaurant's storied legacy while ushering in a new era of sophistication and warmth, ensuring that guests continue to be enchanted by the Afghani vibe for decades to come.

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